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How To Select The Best Binary Signal Options?

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The latest trend in the trading is the binary signal option. It is new and innovative way to make investments in the market and ensuring profit earning. It has many advantages for the trader. Binary signal options are instructions or signals that are sent to the trader showcasing the trend in the asset invested by him to as to enable him to take appropriate decision to earn profit. It has now become a popular and reliable source for investing in different asset. The signals are released after proper analysis of the market trend. It shows the current position of the asset giving predictions and indications of the future changes in the trend of these assets. This can help the trader to make a buy or put decision.

There are many signal providers in the market that provide quality signals to ensure that the trader earns income. Choosing the appropriate signal provider is not easy as there are many scam and fraud companies too which can prove to be dangerous. Nothing in life comes for free. Hence a good and genuine signal provider will always charge a fee for his service. But they do not provide any guarantee to earn income. They provide signals that are true and accurate. But the trader can be confident and can rely on their signals when taking decisions and hence can earn profits.

The binary signal option is indeed a very functional tool for any new or inexperienced trader who lack the knowledge of the market trading or is incapable of making predictions. This tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. The trader needs to be careful and consider certain factors while selecting the best signal provider before subscribing to them for his investments.



Tips to select the best binary signal option provider

Compare prices and services: Firstly the trader should compare the services and prices offered by different signal providers. Check the fees and other terms and conditions before shortlist on them.

Trial period: Always opt for a signal provider that offers a free or cheap trail period. This will help to understand the reliability of the company. The trader can also test the software provided by the company during this trail period.

Responsive provider: The signal provider should offer continual support and updations of the trend in the market. They should have a 24 hour service center or facility of live chat. This is an important factor as market is very unpredictable and the trader may need support anytime.

Easy signals: The signals provided by the company should be easy to understand. They should be simple to comprehend and follow. Also the signals provided should be of real time as to enable the trader to take decisions.

Profitability: Select the signal provider who has a good history to providing good returns and profits to its traders. The company should be strategically strong with experienced team support to provide accurate instructions to the trader.

Selecting a binary signal provider is critical. The signals are important as they provide a prediction about the future market trend which can be advantageous to the trader to attain his goal and success as a trader.

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Why to choose Stockpair as your binary broker

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Trading binary options has become a very popular method of trading ever since it was first officially acknowledged, due to the simplicity of its concept and the fact that it is widely available thanks to the Internet. Many binary brokers have appeared online so far, and many of them keep appearing. There is a lot of scam present in the world of binary trading, so it is not that easy to choose a binary broker which is reliable, legal and in addition to that also provides a set of features satisfying for many different traders.

In the crowd of brokers, Stockpair is among the most reliable and most trusted brokers by many traders from all over the world. They were established in 2010 in Cyprus, and they are licensed by CySEC as well as UK’s FSA, Italy’s CONSOB and Banque de France. Therefore, their first big plus is that they are among the most highly regulated brokers in Europe. Both the client’s funds and the client’s data are fully secure with this broker. stockpair-new-binary-options-type-kiko

What separates this broker from the others like TropicalTrade is their custom made platform, which is extremely easy to be used even by a total beginner, since it is very intuitive and well organized. In addition, they also offer a high-class mobile platform, for trading from any Android or iOS device anywhere where you have Wi-Fi connection.

120 assets are available for trading on Stockpair platform, combined with many different options: standard Call/Put options, Fixed Pair options, Floating Pair options and Kiko options, which are not such a common concept since it is still new, but it is rising in popularity. With Kiko options, you predict which of the two offered prices will a certain asset reach first, and there is no time limit specified.

Payout rates are very high with porter Finance and they range from 75% to 85%, which depends on the type of option which is traded, while Pair options can bring a return as high as 350%. Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP account are available, and minimum deposit is $1000 for Silver account. This broker is made more for those who have already traded binary options, since the minimum deposit is quite high if you are a beginner.

Stockpair Trading

The amount of information and education you can get on Stockpair’s website is extensive. In the FAQ section you can get almost any question answered, whether it is about the broker, the platform or about binary trading in general. You can also find the Education section on the website, where you will be able to access to the information and explanations of binary trading, market analysis, trading signals and many more concepts. Every section contains subsections, recommended readings and links within the text, which makes it very well organized and it is easy to find whatever you need.

Last but not least, the Customer Service of this broker is available in several languages, 24/7 and through different channels, such as website form, e-mail, phone or live chat. Stockpair is definitely one of the brokers who care a lot about their customers and put them on

the first place.

Answers all of you want to know

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Whenever I take a metaphorical stride through forums dedicated to forex, I encounter questions that are constantly repeated and answered to the length. My last such walk gave me an idea, why wouldn’t I compose an article featuring answers to the most seeked questions in orer to make it easy for all of you. For further convenience of you, my readers, I will try to give you those answers in short fashion, avoiding long and tiresome answers no one likes.

One of the most common question touches the differences between forex and other markets. There are many differences between those markets. Main differences are assets they trade, commision size, liquidity, number of assets that are used in trade and so on. Then there are questions about commisions this market takes. Well, there is only one fee or commision you have to pay, and you don’t pay it directly. It is taken from the spread of every trade you do. Percentage is really small, and should not concern any trader as long as your firm is reliable. binary-options-trading

Many have heard about pip, but few really understand what it is – thus firing a barrage of questions about it. Percentage in point, known as pip is the smllest increment of trading on forex.  1 pip equals to 1 in 100 or to be more clear 1 percent. All major currencies are quoted in two decimals of pip ( 1 in 100 ) . Japanese yen is only major currency which is quoted in three pip decimals ( 1 in 1 000 ). Then there are people who wonder what exactly does one sell or buy on forex. Basically nothing. But in fact you are exchanging one currency for another in such fashion that at the end of few trades you come out with more money than you have started with. Interest, and position and strenght of currencies are determiners of that. 17mppqpfijoaxjpg

Some people are interested in currencies that are traded on forex. Those currencies are grouped into few types. Majors are currencies that are trade the most, and they always have dollar in them. Crosses are currency pairs that contain currencies that are traded a lot, but don’t involve dollar. There are also exotics and other currency pairs that are less traded too. People have heard of carry trade, but they dont know what it is resulting in many questions and sometimes misleading answers. Carry traders earn from the difference of interest rates of two currencies. They buy currency with small interest rate and sell currency that has high interest.  binary-options-trading-broker

Then there are people comparing forex trading and binary options currency pairs trading. Some wonder why should an individual trade on forex market when there are many binary options brokers offering so much. Well the easiest answer is the smartest. So, head on to your search bar and type Porter Finance scam, and do some search. They remove a lot of comments from angry people, but after some search you will find exactly how those sites work.

About Swagbucks

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A lot of free time added to lack of any activities during that time may result in simple waste of time. Why listen to music and do nothing else on your PC or mobile device, when you can do at least one more thing in parallel with music. What I suggest is to use that free time to earn some pocket change. I propose Swagbucks, where you will not be able to earn a lot, but some pocket change in the form of poscards can be earned this way.

This, I would call it a short guide, will explain you how to get those famous SB ( currency used by Swagbucks ) and use them to buy things. AS it was aforementioned you won’t be able to fill your pockets with money from Swagbucks, but up to 50 dollars per moneth, free of charge and any substantial work is not something you want to throw away. At the beginning you should look for referral link from someone who already uses Swagbucks, this will help both of you. He will get some longlasting bonuses and you will get 300 SB points, which translates in 3 dollars. You can also look for signing up codes that will provide you one time bonus of 70 SB when you log in for the first time. SB-Logo

The act of creating your account and filling all the information will be rewarded with free SB, but if you decide to skip this process you will lose those points. After that you will have more free SB points awaiting you when you click on anwer button. Fullfilling this will make you easier to target with surveys that you like to go through. You can earn SB points with three different tzpes of dailies. You have normal dailies which will give you small amounts of SB points every day, this can amount up to 420 points per month. Then you have mobile dailies, which include watching videos, that here offers range from link to link. But all of them will reward you for videos you watch, and if you fulfill daily maximum you will receive a fixed amount of points for that too. Picture-19-1024x569

Passive dailies are rewards you will receive by completion of tasks from to do list you will find on your Swagbucks page. A lot of them will be awarded for continuous comletion of daily goals, longer you keep the streak going, more rewards you will get. Then you have random occasional tasks you can indulge to get some more points out of your free time.  There is also an extra option or two, like using Swagbucks browser to perform searches and get points for that, or installing SwagButton to get one time 50 points award. If you want to start earning online and focus on that instead on real life job, then Swagbucks is not place for that.But if you have few hours of free time to waste then wellcome to Swagbucks.

One last thing. Some compare Swabucks to sites like Ctoption, but that is stupid, while sites like that take your time and money away, Swagbucks does that with your time only.



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You are probably one of the forex traders who follows and strongly believes in one of the two paths of information analysis, technical or fundamental. In your mind your analysis is superior, and the other one is just a waste of time. And both groups are like that, and due to that all of you are unaware of the new movement that has risen. This movements incorporates elements from both analysis paths and creates new type of analysis called technimental analysis. There is some software from binary options trading that promises technimentalist analysis, software you will read about if you search the web for binary options signals. Big words, but believe me, no performance.

People who have started this movement and people who follow them understand the need for fundamental factos and their influence, but they are also aware that emotions and fear  that play major role. Technimentalists use both analysis types to create profitble trades. They use fundamental analysis to determine which currencies are good for trading, and they use technical analysis to determine the time when that trade should be done.  using-forex-brokers-for-binary-options

Technimentalist go past basic price history technical analysis is based on. Their research is more focused on trends. Past is important, but basing whole trading strategy on it is not the way of technimentalist –  trends are what is important. Followers of technimental analysis look for factors others might overlook becasue they overlap different analysis. They are interested in knowledge about corporate revenue, its status in last few days or weeks, and the competitiveness of said company. Whether the company in question is gaining or losing, market share is another data technimentalists look at, as well as growth of the company and reasons for that growth. Another factor many overlook is whether company sells its assets, or fires its workers. These things might not seem relevant for many, but for technimentalists these are the factors that determine whether they should trade certain asset. binary-options-calculator

The actions of insiders are closelly followed by those that call themselves technimentalist. If one of the higher workers of a company ( it can be director, or anyone within the higher tier of that company) starts selling his stocks then it means company isn’t doing so well. The speed and the quantity of stocks that are being sold is another indicator of in how much trouble that company is. But there can be contrary situation which once again can bring profit to tachnomentalist who does his job of observation of insiders. If an insider, or few of them start increasing the value or number of their holdings that can represent well being of company. Stocks will gain value, because if they have money to throw around they are confident that their next move will increase the profit of their company.

Paying attention to charts is something every technicalist does, and that can be said for technimentalists too. But technimentalist is more concerned with trends, than all other aspects of charts. They look for trends of currencies or stocks they had their eyes set upon by aforementioned aspects of fundamental part of their job.

The biggest mistakes when trading with binary options robots

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Binary trading has become a very popular and widespread method of trade in the past decade or so. Not only experienced and skillful traders perform this type of trading, but everyone who have the access to the Internet and a will to trade can turn to this way of earning money, and that wide accessibility is probably one of the reasons why binary trading is so popular.

Since it is so widely used, by many different people with different background, skills and preferences, there are also those who rely more on facilitators for binary trading than they do on their own knowledge and skills. These facilitators come in various forms, such as market reviews, binary signals, and binary options robots that allow automated trading or copying other users’ trades. The-acceptance-of-binary-options-robots-in-the-UK

Many people decide to use binary options robots, since they can be a huge time saver, and they are also favorable because they remove emotional influence from binary trading. However, it is a relatively new concept, which is sometimes not very friendly if you do not use the proper one, or you use it without a proper purpose. It is important to do your best to avoid scam, since many binary robots are exactly it, and make sure to choose the robot with as many preferences to be set manually as possible. These are some of the most common mistakes of users of binary robots, which you should try to avoid:

8binary-robotSetting the wrong time frame – before determining time frame for the options you want the robot to trade, you must determine precisely which assets you want to trade, and make sure to be aware of the time frames that are the most suitable for them. For example, the prices of stocks change in shorter time intervals, because they depend on the traders’ supply and demand, while the prices of currencies is created by supply and demand related with many global economical factors, so they fluctuate on slower pace. So, for example, if you set up a short time interval for the assets that undergo slower and less dramatic changes, you are most likely to fail your trades, and not even the top binary option robot can prevent that from happening.

Constantly changing the robot – not all binary robots are the same, and you have to keep that in mind before choosing the one to trade with. Try choosing the one that seems the best according to reviews and results, and stick with it. Since the robots operate as an automatized copy of your trading strategy, if you are not satisfied, you should try implementing a different strategy instead keep changing the robot.

Using a robot because you are too lazy to learn – even though the robots are advertized as a tool that enables you to trade binary options without any pre-existing knowledge about it, it is not exactly so. As already mentioned, the way you set up your robot is your trading strategy inserted into an automatized trading tool, and you cannot have a strategy if you do not have any knowledge. Without knowledge, using a binary robot would be like pulling a slot machine lever. Even the top binary options robots are not able to trade successfully on your behalf if you do not give them the right parameters. Therefore, even if you use a robot, still take some time to get educated about at least the basics of trading.

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